Vision Financial Group has forged the following strategic partnerships to allow our clients to reap the benefits of having a wide array of service providers at their disposal. These firms share our business ideologies including customer loyalty, professionalism and courtesy. The firms pride themselves on making every effort to insure 100% customer satisfaction as they know their clients expect nothing less. Their goal is to provide for the growth & prosperity of their clients.

  • Pension and 401k plans
    Rich Nathanson – Northeast Professional Planning

  • Attorney 
    Eric Melzer - Berkowitz, Lichstein

  • Banker 
    Anthony DeMattia - Signature Bank

  • Health Insurance Partner
    William Grundig - Dynasty Advisors

  • Investment Advisors
    William Grundig - Dynasty Advisors and Jon Massey - Axa

  • Mortgage Broker 
    Jeremy Goldzal -  JG Funding And Joe Pisa - NorthStar Funding

  • Real Estate Attorney
    James Duberman - Law Offices James Duberman