Articles by Jake

Changes in The Tax Law                           

Tax Breaks You May Be Missing

Secrets Behind a Successful Business       

Retiring Minds Want to Know 

Analysis of the New Tax Laws                   

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

How To Protect Your Credit                       

Why Are So Many People Broke

Creating & Retaining Wealth                      

Bad Money Habits to Kick

HSAs Just The Facts                                 

What to Tell Your Kids about Money

How The Election Can Impact Your Tax Bill          

ABCs of Mortgages

Safe Tips for Retirement                                     

Grin and Bear it

Tips in Dealing with the IRS                               

Tax Planning 2015

Best Financial Websites                           

Financial Advice for Young Adults

Changes That Can Affect you in 2015                 

Smart Tax Moves

Year End Planning for Individuals              

Year End Planning for Corporations

Best Money Tips                                          

Bad Ways to pay off debt

Investing for Dummies                                     

Smart Money Apps

Saving for a Rainy Day                               

Year End 2013 Tax Planning

IRS Red Flags What causes an audit                      

Medicare Taxes

Financial mistakes you should never make          

Capital Gains Taxes

Pension Plans a Primer                               

Considering a Line of Credit

Six Steps to Being Financially Successful              

Tax Law Changes

Safeguarding against catastrophes                  

The times are Changing

What it Takes to Start a Small Business      

Small Business Healthcare Credit

Money saving Tips for Small Business Owners       

Dear Mr. Tax Man

Cancellation of Debt: Are you liable for taxes?       

Avoiding an Audit

Services A CPA Firm Should Provide            

Dealing with financial disasters

Does Getting Married Pay?                               

Smart Financial Moves

Tax Benefits of Going Green                               

Health Care Reform

Common Accountant Errors                           

Lightening the Debt Load

Marriage Finances                                               

Social Security

Offer In Compromise                                 

Keeping Tabs on your Money

The Wealth Factor                                           

Questions and Answers

What records to keep for the IRS                         

Business Planning