Ansel & Slotopolsky, LLP (VFG) Client Testimonials

Dolphin Express Testimonial

City Water Meter - Testimonial

David Fisch - Testimonial

Dolan's Bar - Testimonial

Kenia Nunez - Testimonial

William Grundig - Testimonial

Radio Salvacion - Testimonial

Suman Ventois - Testimonial 

Marilyn Horowitz - Testimonial

Dr. Wetstein - Testimonial

Michael Pozielli - Testimonial

Nathan Stein - Testimonial

Collaborate Solutions - Testimonial

Robin Delareto & Evan Linnett

Michael Asparas - Testimonial

Rally Foundation - Testimonial

Kim Mihalko - Testimonial

Chris Lapnski - Testimonial

Ruth - Testimonial

Force One Testimonial

Ben - Letter of reccomendation

Assoc of the Sons - Testimonial

Rostow - Testimonial

Goldberg - Testimonial

Bonadonna - Testimonial

Graphnet - Testimonial

Jane Gil - Testimonial

Law offices of Thomas Lahiff - Letter of recommendation

Meredith Wendell Inc - Letter of recommendation

Brian Walsh - IRS appeals and reccomendation

Sheldon Zach - IRS Penalties and Settlement

Carla Fine - Board of Directors in Bellevue Hospital

Marilyn Hernandez - Vice President City Water Meter

Mark Nicholson - CEO of Vigilant, Inc.

Lorraine Kofman - President of Netrend Inc.

Eric Melzer - Partner at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith (2)

Steven Altschuler - President of North East Wine

Eric Melzer - Partner at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith

Jeremy Skillings - CEO You Can Be Found

Michele Albo - President of E.T. Manufacturing & Sales, Inc.

Karyn Cardenas -CEO of iCookuEat

Amy Stavis - CEO of Tableware Today

Scott Blow - CEO of Ainsworth Development

Carla Fine

Sherri Slater - House

Ed Suh - CEO and President of Ed Suh and Associates, Inc.

Vincent Bova - Total Remote Control

John Suaza - Fun Creative Furniture

Andrea Alonso - Morris, Duffy, Alonso & Faley, LLP